Image: Hinni HreinssonMy name is Hinni Hreinsson. I live in Stockholm with my wife, our cat and our two dogs.

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2017-02 Workplace Accessibility / Business Development; LVI Low Vision International

2016-06 – 2017 – 02 Sales Manager Sweden; LVI Low Vision International

2015-2016-05-31 Area Sales Manager; LVI Low Vision International

2012- 2015 Datapedagog; Stockholms Syncentral

Responsible for AT training for the center´s users. Ranging from desktop computers to mobile technology and various things in between.

2009-2012 Consultant; Icelandic National Institute for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Deafblind

Responsible for the installation, training, maintenance and support of assistive technology the institute prescribed to its users.

2008-2009 Team Manager; Group home for autistic individuals in Reykjavik

Responsible for planning and coordinating the care, housing and training for residents.

2007-2008 Technician; Centrum för kommunikation och hjälpmedel, Vejle, Danmark

I was responsible for the installation and support of the software/hardware the center supplied its users with.

2005-2008 Technical department manager; Icelandic Low Vision Center

Responsible for the installation, training and support of the software/hardware that the center supplied its users with. Furthermore I was responsible for the selection and purchase of said software/hardware. Also I was the network administrator for the office and in charge of maintenance of the Center´s website and blog.

2005-2007 Technician; Í Nýju Ljósi, Reykjavik

The company “Í Nýju Ljósi”, which I started in 2005, specializing in AT training and support for partially sighted and blind individuals.

2002-2005 Instructor; Ortaekni: The Organization of the Disabled in Iceland training Workshop, Reykjavik

The organization of disabled in Iceland operates a training workshop for individuals who are planning to work in the open market. I was responsible for the support and training of the software that the workshop sold.


2006: BTCS Trainer Certification, Royal National Institute of the Blind, UK

2005: TAP Certified Trainer, Training Foundation, UK

2005: Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

2004: CompTIA Network+ Certified Professional

2003: CompTIA A+ Certified Professional

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