2013: “Web Accessibility Best Practices, a study: Did the users in our study take advantage of the available options for effective web browsing with a screen reader?”

At CSUN this year my colleague Birkir Gunnarsson and I, presented:  WCAG: What about the users? Which is our work on a web browsing user guide for users of Assistive Technologies. This guide will take advantage of web accessibility best practices, as defined by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v2.0. While creating this material we are testing its effectiveness on web pages certified for accessibility as well as on web pages that are not certified with a study group consisting of users with varied experience in screen reader usage. Our question was: “Do users utilize the options which are available to them in many screen readers today, to effectively read webpages?” To gather the data, we created an online poll were we ask users several questions about how they browse webpages with their respective screen reader. Our goal was to use this data to create a practical guide on how we navigate/read web pages with a screen reader, using the available tools built in them today.

2010: Practical Screen Reader Comparison: A user-oriented approach:

A study I did in 2010 with my colleague Birkir Gunnarsson, on how some of the most common Screen Readers used today stack up against each other. A comparative study, done at Iceland´s National Institute for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Deafblind.

2010 – : Translation of NVDA to Icelandic:

The NVDA screen reader is used by more people each year. Back in 2010 we thought it was about time that it was available in Icelandic as well – so Birkir and I got cracking. We are still maintaining the translation of NVDA and welcome any input that the Icelandic users have on our work.

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